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Baby Shower!

On Saturday, the 6th, we had close to 40 of our friends and family members over to our house for a baby shower. We were worried it would be a little crazy, and it was, but it was also really fun. Even though there were so many people there, I actually felt like I had some time to talk to everyone, at least for a little bit.

We and our baby are so lucky to have so many great people in our lives! Our friends Diana, Justin, and Suzanna were especially helpful in making it all happen, and my sister-in-law, Shannon, and my in-laws, Marc and Terry went above and beyond to help with it all too!

baby shower

A picture I took from Shannon’s blog!


Flowers from our friend Janelle


I was so excited the night after the shower that I couldn’t go back to sleep when I woke up at 1:30am. I got up and opened all our gifts and started going through them! People were so generous!


The next day we used gift cards we received to order the crib, changing table, and some other items. I am so excited for them to get here and to set it all up!