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February and March 2016!

We have been so busy the last couple months I haven’t had a chance to blog about any of it! And this is just a taste of what we’ve been up to.

Jonas’s hair was getting long so we went to get it cut. When I told him we were going to, he said, “It’s haircut day?!” I was so proud of him– he sat in the seat all by himself and giggled the whole time! And so handsome!

20160225_095650 20160225_100129


The sun shade doesn’t work very well on the window, but Jonas hates the sun in his eyes so he told me he would hold it instead.





March 2 was Aunt Sadie’s birthday so we went to the California Science Center for a play date with her and the girl she nannies.


Bubby came to visit for a week! We did so many fun things and Jonas loved it. He told me Bubby is his best friend.

20160308_150043 20160312_141144

Jonas had his physical for starting preschool in the fall. When the doctor walked in, Jonas said, “The gown is open in the back so you can use your stethoscope,” and the doctor was so impressed he didn’t even know what to say!


Jonas was not as big a fan of the Easter Bunny this year. Last year he kept hugging him and telling him secrets and he cried when he had to get off his lap. This year, he was excited while we were in line, but then when we got up to the bunny, he asked me to come with him and when I said I would be back by the camera, he started to get upset and said he didn’t want to sit with him. So he sat next to him instead.


We went to an Ontario Reign game with a guy from my hometown who moved out here. Jonas loved that he could scream when everyone else cheered.


One day, Jared was still sleeping and Jonas crawled up and said, “Take a picture of me with Daddy!”


We don’t usually eat eggs because we don’t like how chickens are treated at the big farms, but we found a neighbor with chickens in his yard! So we’ve been enjoying eating them and Jonas got to dye eggs this year. Our friend Sami’s sister lives in San Jose and Sami was visiting her from the UK, and made a stop at our house for a few days! I didn’t take any pictures, but Sami took the one of me and Jonas.

20160322_162059 20160322_163436


Yesterday was Easter and we had a great day! Jonas liked his Easter basket but he was most excited about the jelly beans in the eggs. After breakfast, I hid some eggs for him and he liked finding them. He hid them for me and when I opened my eyes, he said, “I hid the eggs! There’s one there and there and there!” and pointed to all the hiding places.┬áIn the afternoon we went to Aunt Shannon and Uncle Chris’s house and it was great. Jonas ran around with his cousins and found eggs and ate way too much sugar.


Going straight for a Daniel Tiger book


Jelly beans! I was glad I only put 2 or 3 in each of his 6 eggs.


Shaking eggs like maracas


He didn’t want to stand up for a picture– he wanted to sit in the basket instead.

And the other thing we’ve been up to…yay!!