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Sleeping Beauty

So I was definitely just a MOM and took like 12 pictures of Jonas sleeping. I remember as a kid, my sister and I woke up to our parents taking pictures of us sleeping and we thought they were really weird. I totally get it now. Babies and kids are just beautiful when they sleep, and it is also a time when you can take a deep breath and just look at them without them wiggling all over the place! Here are a couple of my favorites from today:

IMG_20140328_152157 IMG_20140328_152312IMG_20140328_152244

In other exciting news, Jonas has now tried banana and mango and in a few days, he will try pears. Yesterday he turned a book page by himself! Today he rocked out on the piano.


Happy Half Birthday, Jonas!

Our beautiful baby turned six months old on March 16th! We celebrated with his first solid food: avocado. He loved it!

He took the bib off immediately.

He took the bib off immediately.




Valentines, Bubby, and More!


Valentine’s Day was my first “Facebook Free Friday.” I’ve done three so far. The idea is no looking at Facebook from when I wake up until 7pm when Jared gets home. I also don’t check Instagram or other sites, don’t send texts or call anyone, and only respond to emails or texts if they are important. It is a nice way to practice being less distracted for a day each week and I end up getting a lot done! On Valentine’s Day, I made this onesie for Jonas, which ended up smearing when he sweated in it, so we had to change him. Gram and Papa brought him some presents and a cute sticker that we put on his new outfit so he was still festive. IMG_20140214_122806

We also went to Michael’s for supplies and made some Valentines for the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and great grandparents.

IMG_20140214_185114Jared and I had our Valentine’s Day¬† date a week late. It was our first post-baby date night! Jonas helped me get ready. We got our taxes done and had yummy sushi!


Picking up supplies for planting

Best of all, Bubby came to visit from February 24-March 4. We had a great time and did so much! We went to the mall, planted lettuce and radishes, set up Jonas’s high chair, had an adventure with Uncle Bobby in Venice Beach for Aunt Sadie’s birthday, and a lot more. Jonas LOVED Bubby and thought she was hilarious. We both miss her already!

Hanging out at dinner



With Uncle Bobby who said he is "delicious"

With Uncle Bobby who said he is “delicious”