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Holidays 2017

We had a fun time for the holidays even though Jonas had a fever for Christmas.

Josie loved Hannukah and even started saying the word when she saw the menorah!

Aunt Sadie came for Christmas Eve and we had fun. We made cookies for Santa, chocolate chip and frosted sugar cookies as Jonas requested. Daddy read the traditional book.

Christmas morning was so fun! The kids both loved their presents from Santa and the family! I love seeing them so excited about the magic of it all!!

Josie and I got fevers after Christmas and it was definitely not fun. I was glad I got to wait til after Christmas though, unlike Jonas. We’re all feeling much better now and the living room is actually cleaned up. I remember as a kid leaving the gifts out for so long to play with and it was super fun but I was going a little nuts since the gifts were getting scattered everywhere every five minutes and I barely had the energy to get off the couch.

Tonight we’re going to put on some fancy clothes and eat pizza for New Year’s Eve!

Holidays with my sweet family are always fun even when it’s just us and some of us have colds!