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Bubby’s Visit 2017!

Josie is getting bigger every day.IMG_20170216_180335

She liked trying avocado the first time but since then hasn’t been too interested in food. She’s starting to explore a little though!


Josie and Kiley are best buddies.

Right before Bubby visited, Josie surprised me by doing this!


Slow down, little one! Of course, she fell completely sideways immediately after I grabbed my camera and took the picture.

Bubby has been here and it’s been so much fun!


Jonas has been talking to her all about sea creatures, his current obsession.


Of course there’s been lots of ukulele playing. Jonas’s classmates loved it and so did the kids at Tinkergarten!


The annual Bubby/Jo Jo slide picture.


We went to Babychella– along with 5000 other people! There was so much to do and it was really fun.


Yesterday Josie turned seven months old!

Bubby goes back to WV tomorrow, and we’ll all be sad. Josie has been smiling and laughing every time he sees her and Jonas loves talking to her, making peanut butter balls, and doing fun activities like setting up a bird house. I’ve liked having someone to talk to during the days and someone to help me with the every growing laundry loads! We’re looking forward to visiting her this summer!