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Jonas Says

Jared: Who is SO pretty?
Jonas: Mommy’s so pretty!

(In the car)
Jonas: PICK up with Mommy!
Becca: I can’t pick you up right now. I’m driving.
Jonas: I need this.

Jonas: This is Mommy’s pillow
Becca: This is Mommy’s pillow?
Jonas: Actually, this is Daddy’s pillow.
(What 20 month old says “actually”?!)



Jonas: Have a helmet! Baby Duck! Hockey Duck. (Takes helmet off and puts stick down). Not a hockey Duck now.


Jonas has had a runny nose for the last week, but didn’t seem to be sick. His bottom canines just came in so I figured it was teething related, though I’ve read some people say now that teething doesn’t cause runny noses, just drooling. He was playing and happy, even if he did have his hand in his mouth a lot!


Doing “work” on the dishwasher


He told me he’s a “cool dude”


Then Saturday morning, I took his temperature and it said 100.5. He took a long nap and when he woke up, it said 101.5. He was acting sleepy and sad and just not himself, and since we were supposed to see family that afternoon, I took him to the Target clinic. When we got there, they said his temperature was 105.4!! We took off his clothes and put an ice pack on him and gave him some baby Tylenol. The nurse practitioner there checked out his ears and throat and belly and lungs and poor Jonas was crying and clinging to me and saying, “No!” and “Get out!” It was heartbreaking. They took his temperature after 20 minutes and it was up to 106 so we went to urgent care. I was doing my best to act calm so he wouldn’t be more upset, but I was definitely trying not to freak out. We kept the ice pack on him and had the AC on full blast in the car and thankfully, by the time we got there, his temperature was down to 98.6. The DO there looked in his ears and said right away that he has an ear infection and he wasn’t sure why they didn’t see it at the clinic. So now we’re alternating Tylenol and Motrin and he is on Amoxycillin to get rid of the ear infection.


Back home after urgent care and smiling again!

We didn’t get to go to the family mother’s day dinner, but Jared went and picked up our delicious enchiladas and my awesome presents and dropped off our presents for everyone else.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and Jonas was feeling much better. He and Jared made sure my day was great! I got to sleep in until 10(!) and then took a long shower. Jared made me coffee. I got my present– a hair cut, partial highlights, gloss, condition, and style! I’m so excited to use it! We had the enchiladas for lunch and then went to a frozen yogurt place that has dairy free flavors. Jared and Jonas stopped by to tell Grandma happy mother’s day while I got some groceries for dinner, and then Jared cooked my favorite meal– tofu piccata. We had some rose champagne, went for a family walk, and watched the Ducks eliminate the Flames. Then Jared did the dishes. Perfect!


I know I say it a lot, but I absolutely love being this kid’s mommy. It is the best!! And now that I am a Mommy, Mother’s Day is definitely my favorite holiday!

It’s May!

We’ve been keeping busy since last month with lots of play dates and adventures. Here is a little of what we’ve been up to:


We went to the Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center and checked out their cactus nursery and gardens. They have an awesome gift shop with all kinds of rocks and minerals. Jonas even got to touch a snake!


My Aunt Penny and Mindy visited from New York. Aunt Penny and Jonas rocked out to the Rolling Stones. We also went with them to the Victoria Gardens Farmer’s Market and the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens and went swimming in the hotel pool. Aunt Penny is a photographer and took a bunch of amazing pictures of our time together!

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We went to the Great Cloth Diaper Change and helped set a record!


Jonas likes to stand on the toilet and wash his hands, so we figured it would be better to get him a step stool and faucet extender. He loves it!20150428_133531



Last night we hung out with our friends, who are Flames fans, and watched the Flames/ Ducks game 2! It was really fun. Jonas and his friend get along so well together. They were sitting in the toy box and cracking up.11205516_10155445727925386_2211975413814034485_n