Monthly Archives: June 2017

End of the School Year

There are all these moments as a parent that no one tells you will be emotional. Everyone talks about the first day of school, but I was surprised that I was way more emotional about the end of the school year. I love Jonas’s school and his teachers are so wonderful. I know they love him and are so good with him and I have loved having him spend time with them.

Last Thursday his class did a spring sing and sang some of their favorite songs from the year and then we had a potluck.

Jonas seemed a little nervous and didn’t sing much but he waved and put his hands in his lap. It was very funny and cute.

Today was his last day and I kept tearing up thinking about what a great school year he’s had! He has learned and grown so much!


We will miss his amazing teachers! I told Jonas I was a little sad that he was done with the turquoise room and his teachers for the year and he said “It’s ok Mommy. I think the next room will be good too. And I can always visit them!”