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Fall So Far

We’ve been so busy, I haven’t been posting! Here’s a look at our fall so far, mostly in pictures.



Jonas and I went apple picking with my sister-in-law and niece. These two just did this! No posing! How adorable are they?!

20140918_135934-EFFECTS 20140918_135946


Jonas and I went to Massachusetts to visit my best friend and her new baby, James! We did so much fun stuff while we were there.


Playing at the Acton Children’s Museum


At the playground near Lindsey and James’ house

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Jonas loved this baby goat and he was so good about petting it gently! There were other goat kids in the same area but he just followed this one around.

I got to have a girls’ night with Lindsey and one of our other best friends, Elizabeth. It was so great to spend time with them! Jonas and Lindsey’s baby, James hung out with Lindsey’s husband Brian, his two sisters, and the husband of one of his sisters. I knew he was in good hands since Brian is studying to be a teacher, one of his sisters is a nanny, and the other works with special needs students, but I was still nervous leaving him with people he didn’t know very well, even for a few hours! He had fun playing with Brian’s 3-year-old nephew, but they said he did cry for “Mama!” at one point 🙁 To help with the Mommy guilt, I’m telling myself the refreshment I got from some “me” time with my two best friends who I rarely see helped me be a better Mommy to him!


We’ve been checking out lots of children’s museums! A couple weeks ago, we went with some friends and their kids to the one in La Habra and last week, we went to the Chino Youth Museum.


Yesterday, Jared, Jonas, and I went to the beach with Jared’s Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gene. Jonas had been to the boardwalk before, but this was his first time playing in the sand and putting his feet in the ocean!

IMG_20141012_173128 20141012_153128


He loved running around and exploring.

20141012_154435I love the look of determination he has in this picture!