Monthly Archives: February 2015

Puppy Love

I was planning to take ten pictures to share on February 10th but ended up only taking these:

20150210_084105 20150210_084108

Jonas loves to pretend to put on deodorant just like Mommy and Daddy so I give him an empty deodorant bottle. He even asked to unzip his pajamas so he could reach his armpits!

Since I didn’t take many photos on the 10th, here are some other recent ones of what we’ve been up to lately. Jonas has been fascinated by the dog lately and it is so cute. 20150206_205816 pup1

20150211_100748 20150211_100721

The other day, he went with me to visit a doula client and her new baby. We got him to give a kiss in her direction, but he was a little uncertain.


Later, Jared asked if Jonas liked the baby. Jonas said, “No,” and then patted his chest enthusiastically, saying, “Baby!”

I think doing some yoga helped him relax, though, haha.