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101 Revisions and Plans!

Happy New Year!



I’ve been working on my 101 in 1001 list for 2 years now, and it wraps up September of this year! I’ve done 59 things from the list, leaving 42 to do, which seems like a lot, but I’m pretty proud of the ones I’ve done– especially getting my doula certification and finishing my novel! I figured this was a good time to look back on my list, see what I still want to do, and what is feasible, and make some changes. Anything I changed, I tried to keep the spirit of the original goal, and either make it more realistic, or just more reflective of what I currently want to do. For example, “Relearn basic Spanish” was a little too broad, so I made it more specific– “listen to Think and Learn Spanish CD and read book,” and a trip to the UK isn’t going to happen in the next 9 months, so I changed it to writing letters to the people I wanted to visit. So here’s what’s on the list!

  1. make t-shirt quilt
  2. send novel to 10 agents/publishers
  3. Camp NaNoWriMo for 2nd novel
  4. listen to Think and Learn Spanish CD and read book
  5. frame orange crate prints
  6. have carpet professionally cleaned
  7. send letters to Amelia and Sami
  8. go to Quaker meeting
  9. go to UU service
  10. Do Nancy Bardacke’s 9 week home program
  11. do yoga at least once a week
  12. turn window seat into toy chest
  13. go to Deer Park
  14. go to an IE Dharma Punx meeting or have a meditation day with friends
  15. send postcards or letters to Lindsey, Laura, and Elizabeth
  16. visit WV
  17. tech free weekend
  18. at home date- movie and dinner theme
  19. make a will
  20. donate a toy to Loma Linda chidren’s hospital
  21. hang up diplomas
  22. get ring insurance
  23. clean out office
  24. “just because” gifts for Jer (3/3)
  25. go to family yoga class with Jonas (Kids yoga video)
  26. have family photos taken
  27. drive in movie as a family
  28. 4 date nights (2/4)
  29. get a massage
  30. use the pool at least once a week during summer
  31. take Sasha to dog park
  32. go to the beach
  33. get into 3 new bands (1/3)
  34. write a love letter to Jer
  35. Read 30 books
  36. go to another hockey game
  37. play street hockey in the driveway
  38. (personal)
  39. record listening night
  40. surprise Jer with one of his favorite meals
  41. take Sasha to get stitches out
  42. Take juicer out and make healthy juices