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9 Months Old!

Jonas has officially been out of my belly for longer than he was in it. It is amazing how much he has grown and learned just in the last few weeks. He is recognizing more words, and reacting to some of them, which is really fun.

He says “Hi Da!” to Jared and we think he is starting to call the dog “Pup Pup.”

When you tell him “No,” he shakes his head, and he will copy me and nod and smile. My favorite, though, is that when you say “Stinky” he will crinkle up his nose and sniff and he has started to do this whenever he smells something strong.



He is exploring everything and is getting really good at taking things OUT.



And at putting things IN. This is one of Jared’s video games that Jonas decided went better in the wine cabinet.



Just this last week, Jonas has gotten really into books. He will crawl over to his book corner and wave at his books until I say, “You pick one!” and then he will hand me a book and pay attention as I name the things in the pictures. Sometimes he will sit for 3 or 4 books! The other day, we were reading one called “Hello Bunny!” which he loves because it has lots of animals. When I showed him some of the animals that are mentioned in another book he loves “Baby’s Very First Touchy Feely Book” he would motion toward that book until I showed him the matching picture and then he would smile! He was totally putting it together. There is a penguin in the touchy feely book and there aren’t penguins in “Hello Bunny” and he kept looking at the penguin and then expectantly at “Hello Bunny” like he was asking me where the matching one was. It was really cute.


With another book he loves

I thought 6 months was my favorite age, but 9 months is pretty amazing!

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