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Happy First Birthday, Sweet Baby!

Jonas is 1!

On the 13th we had a party for him with immediate family, a couple close friends, and some families from our play group. Jonas loves kitties and puppies, so that was the theme. He has been super into TRASH lately, and if I’d known that earlier, maybe we would have picked Oscar the Grouch, but this was still really fun!



20140913_130133 20140913_135743 20140913_135853


Jonas had a lot of fun, and really got into the party mood, running around with the other kids and chasing balloons.


Helping Papa, Daddy, and Tio Henry with the food.


Checking out the ice with his buddy Ronan


He tried some cake but wasn’t too impressed.

20140913_144811 20140913_145615Even I was overwhelmed when it came to present opening time! He got so many awesome toys and clothes and books. Our house looked like a toy tornado had hit it!

Bubby and Grandpa came in for the festivities. It was so nice to spend time with them!

20140915_105434 20140915_105452


Since his party, Jonas has been enjoying playing with his new stuff!


A garden cart from Mommy and Daddy since he loves flowers. I’m so happy he loves it!



20140915_110120 20140916_130004

Today is his actual birthday. I have been putting this Happy Birthday diaper on him for months, but I was so happy to use it on his real birthday!


Jared had the day off from work today, so we went to the mall and rode the carousel. Jonas liked it at first, but by the end of the ride, he was squirming and wanted me to hold him.


I am so happy being this amazing baby’s Mommy! I love watching him grow and learn and turn into his own little person!

Happy first birthday, Jonas! I love you so much!

2nd Anniversary

On September 2, Jared and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary!

We had lunch at Cafe Rio in Redlands and then went to the park where we got married and took pictures. Last year, I was two weeks away from having Jonas and now he is almost a year old!



In the evening, we had a date night and went to a delicious Indian restaurant. We had a $60 gift certificate and our goal was to spend it all so we got a great bottle of pinot noir, appetizers, and dessert! We were stuffed!

I am so happy to be married to this amazing man, and am so proud of us for the work and love we put into our marriage. <3