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Christmas 2015

Jared and I started throwing up the night of the 23rd and on Christmas Eve we were both miserable. Jonas still wasn’t feeling great and thankfully was happy to snuggle and watch Thomas the Tank Engine holiday specials all morning. My awesome father-in-law brought us Gatorade and Saltines. I ended up going to urgent care because I couldn’t keep any fluids down at all. Jonas was great the whole time and the nurses gave Jared a glove to blow up for him and printed some Santa coloring sheets.


Sadie and Hernando still came over that evening– very brave! Thankfully, in the morning, Jared and I were both feeling much better, and could actually enjoy watching Jonas open presents. He had been asking for a candy cane and I kept telling him maybe Santa would put one in his stocking. He did!


We didn’t get to go celebrate at Aunt Shannon’s house on Christmas and we were all disappointed. Jonas had been asking to see his cousins for a few days. It was so fun to see him get excited about opening presents, though, and he did a great job tearing the wrapping paper off himself! Santa came through and brought him his Muddle and Match: Imagine book!


Sadie got him a vet kit and book and Mommy and Daddy got him a doctor kit and book and he loves pretending to be a doctor and do “surgery” on the puppy he named Finchy.



Jonas liked playing with wrapping paper just as much as he liked playing with his presents, I think.


We had been too sick to read it the night before, so Jared and Jonas did the annual reading of The Night Before Christmas on Christmas evening.


Jared’s Aunt Lisa passed away on Christmas evening, so we were all really sad about that. It was definitely not the Christmas we had planned but I was still thankful to get to spend it with my family and to be surrounded with love.

Jonas forgot about the chocolate Santa in his stocking for a few days, but then remembered. I told him he could have it after dinner that night and as soon as dinner was over, he asked for it. They were always Aunt Sadie’s favorite and I think he liked it too!


Happy Holidays!

We’ve been busy enjoying the holidays. Jonas really liked Hanukkah and he would ask every night if it was time to light the candles. He still asks if it is Hannukah.


We went with the cousins to see Santa and to the Yard House for dinner. It’s the second year we’ve done it and a really fun tradition. We kept asking Jonas beforehand what he was going to ask Santa for and he said a “Muddle and Match Imagine book.” He told Santa and Santa told him, “Ok!” He kept asking, and as we were leaving he called over his shoulder, “Can I have a Muddle and Match Imagine book?!” We had forgotten to tell him that when he asked, Santa wouldn’t give him the book right away. We explained after, though, and he understands now.



Jonas got to hang out with Santa a couple other times– at his You and Me Play School class and at the cookie exchange we did with our play group.


Last weekend, we took a road trip to Arizona for my friend Ellie’s baby shower. We were supposed to meet at a park, but the trip took longer than expected. Jonas kept asking to go to the “far park” and luckily there was another park close to the hotel.


A bunch of our Arizona friends got Jonas some Christmas presents and he was really excited about them! He wanted to sleep with them all, including Captain America.


While I went to the baby shower, Jonas and Jared hung out with some of the other dads and kids. We adjusted the carrier to fit Jared in case Jonas wanted to nap in it, and I wanted some pictures of my two cute guys.

20151220_113800 20151220_113806

After a whole day of playing with his friend Evelyn, and not napping, Jonas was so tired he fell asleep on her bedroom floor.


It was a great trip, and he was such a great traveler! When he wasn’t sleeping in the car, he played with his fingers and hands and sang and talked to himself. It was so cute!

Last night we watched Elf and relaxed. We were supposed to go to a gift exchange with our play group today but Jonas was throwing up last night. He seemed happy all day though, so hopefully he is better. 3 days until Christmas and we’re pretty much ready– just need to do some cooking and cleaning!!