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101 in 1001: Some Big Ones (And Some Cute Jonas Stuff)

I’ve done a lot of my 101 in 1001 list, but this summer I started working on some of the larger projects– ones that I can’t just do in a day and cross them off.

 Meditate for 30 minutes a day for 30 days
I started this on July 1 and am actually aiming for about twice this. I am doing a free online version of the Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction Program and it lasts 8 weeks. I am enjoying it so far, although it definitely takes discipline to make myself do it instead of just playing on my phone or watching Netflix while I nurse Jonas to sleep. The program is pretty well-known and is very studied because it is so structured. It is one of the ways we are learning about all of the benefits mindfulness meditation has!

Relearn Basic Spanish
I’ve been using an app called Duolingo and I love it. It turns language learning into a game and makes you want to keep doing it.

Get Doula Certification
I finished the first of my three modules and have signed up for a mentoring program that should help me get some of the births I need for my certification! I got really nice feedback on the assignment for my first module that made me feel good!

And because I know this stuff is less exciting than Jonas, here are some of his updates and pictures!

Jonas says:
Tea (for the tea kettle)
Did it!

He also copies some words:
Poop (haha)
Tick tock (for the clock)


He responds to requests like “clap your hands!” “Pat the kitty,” “Can you show me the duck?” and “Let me smell it”


He crinkles his nose now, not just to the word “Stinky” but also now to smelly, nose, dirty, yuck, and poop. If you say “no” he shakes his head but keeps doing whatever he is doing.


He also climbs on everything! He likes to cuddle with anything soft, including pillow, carpet, and the kitty.


Ten on Ten!

ten on ten button

My sister in law does Ten on Ten every month and I always think it is so cool. I finally (kind of) remembered to do it this month! It is supposed to be ten consecutive hours but we skipped a couple due to nap times. I also didn’t manage to get this post up ON the 10th, but oh well!




20140710_0817588:30am- Getting in some yoga (about 5 minutes)

20140710_0937499:30am- Play time



10:30am- Library storytime. He sat like this for a few minutes before taking off to explore.

20140710_11430711:30am- Playing with some of the cool toys at the library. This library is really cool and also has lots of animals to look at. Jonas called the birds “kitty.”

20140710_13295012:30pm- We shared a sweet potato for lunch.

20140710_1449232:30m- resisting nap time

20140710_1533333:30pm- Still not napping. I was a little bummed that he never really fit in the Bumbo seat. His thighs were too big and we had to squeeze them in. He loves it now, though and climbs on it, sits on it backwards, puts his toys in it, and pushes it around.

20140710_1810246:30pm- After a nap (finally!) veggie dogs for dinner. Jonas had leftover sweet potato.

20140710_1955297:30pm- Cool enough for a long walk around the neighborhood.



8:30pm- Bath time!