Gifts and Games

We are making progress on our 101 in 1001!

Most recently, I got Jer one of his “just because” gifts: a Ducks Stanley Cup ring replica he had mentioned wanting.

We’ve been to 2 of our 15 hockey games, including the outdoor game at Dodger’s Stadium, which was a lot of fun. My sister Sadie came with us and we had a really good time. Jonas enjoyed it too! We all enjoyed beating the Kings 3-0. Kiss played at the game but I’m not counting that as taking him to a show. I want to take him to see a band his Daddy and I like for that one.


I’ve also been doing baby signs with Jonas since a little before he turned 4 months old. Some babies can start signing back as early as 6 months– it will be so cool to see him communicate this way!

The signs we’ve been using are:







Coming up next are baby proofing, investing some of our savings, and setting up a college fund for Jonas– not the most exciting, but important!

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