Sleeping Beauty

So I was definitely just a MOM and took like 12 pictures of Jonas sleeping. I remember as a kid, my sister and I woke up to our parents taking pictures of us sleeping and we thought they were really weird. I totally get it now. Babies and kids are just beautiful when they sleep, and it is also a time when you can take a deep breath and just look at them without them wiggling all over the place! Here are a couple of my favorites from today:

IMG_20140328_152157 IMG_20140328_152312IMG_20140328_152244

In other exciting news, Jonas has now tried banana and mango and in a few days, he will try pears. Yesterday he turned a book page by himself! Today he rocked out on the piano.



  1. Handsome little man!! I love, love, love sleeping babies/kids. Still get teary eyed sometimes just watching Kayla sleep, she’s just too big 😥 See you and that cutie tomorrow!!