A Very Big Day (And Week)

A week ago today, when Jonas turned 17 weeks old, was a very big day for him!
He rolled over (back to tummy) three times, when he had only done it three times total before. He giggled– a real giggle! I was doing sun salutations and he cracked up as I lifted my head. Definitely the best motivation to work out ever. He also found his feet. He was sitting down, with me holding him and he was leaning over and grunting. We looked at him and his toe was in his mouth. It was hilarious! It was a big day for a baby!

The rest of the week was pretty busy too– we had a 4.5 earthquake really close to our house at 1:30 am. I was awake, it woke Jared up, and Jonas slept through it. It scared me enough that I made emergency kits for our house and cars the next day, crossing something else off my 101 in 1001 list! There was a 3.something aftershock the next night close to the same time.

Tuesday was Jonas’s 4 month doctor appointment. He weighed 17 lbs, 8 oz and was 25 inches long! He got an oral vaccine and a shot in each leg! He was still upset about them but handled them much better than his 2 month shots!

Wednesday, Jonas woke up with a cold. It’s so sad seeing him snotty and uncomfortable!


Even with a cold, we get cute smiles!

Thursday I had a meeting for my new  (very) part time job– it is perfect–once a week meetings, occasional other meetings, and the rest is from home. I feel very lucky that I found something to keep up my resume and bring in a little extra money but that lets me be with Jonas almost all of the time! I’m also very lucky that my awesome in-laws watch Jonas when I have meetings. I was feeling a little anxious about leaving him on Thursday because he wasn’t feeling good and because of the earthquakes, but he loves spending time with them, even when he has a cold!

Jared and I caught his cold and have been moping around the house and drinking lots of tea.

Thankfully, we have had a nice three-day weekend with no plans to rest and relax. And today, Jonas rolled tummy to back for the first time!


  1. Yay Jonas!!! Pretty soon he’ll be crawling around 😀 Hope you guys are feeling better and got some time to actually enjoy the 3 day weekend. Oh and a big Congrats on the new job!