A Night in Long Beach

This Friday, we went to Long Beach for Jer’s cousin’s wedding.



I could not believe the amount of stuff we had to bring for one night (the stroller stayed at home). I guess that’s what happens with a cloth diapered seven month old when the grownups need clothes for a formal event and there is a possible beach trip involved (we didn’t end up going to the beach).

It was Jonas’s first hotel stay. Aunt Sadie watched Jonas and his cousins and they had a lot of fun.


It was fun getting dressed up and having a mini date night, too.


Jonas needed his Mommy for bedtime so I left around 9:30. I got to enjoy some Full House and Friends reruns and big fluffy hotel pillows while I nursed him to sleep.

The next day, we had breakfast with a bunch of the family and then Jonas helped us pack up.



He took a nap on the comfy hotel bed and then we headed home!


  1. What a sweet boy helping his mommy pack 😛 Love that picture of the cousins hanging out!

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