An Afternoon Activity

I thought it would be a good day to try a fun activity so I made some corn starch finger paint for Jonas to try. Here’s a run down of my thought process:


This is going to be fun! What a great activity. He will love it. I’m a great mom…planning developmentally appropriate activities for my baby! I should take a picture of the steps so I can blog about it later. I’ll be so Pinterest-y!


Ok, the dog is inside and we are outside. I’m pretty smart. I know this is supposed to wash out easily, but this will still make it easier to clean up. And a black onesie so it won’t stain! Of course he isn’t sure what to do with it..this is his first time finger painting. I will just show him and then he’ll love it.


There he goes! Maybe we can even use his artwork as thank you cards after his birthday!


Oh well. I guess he is just excited about being outside and he wants to explore. It’s hot out here, though. We should go in.


Even better idea! We can finger paint the bath tub! He’ll love it!

20140831_133007 20140831_133004

Well. I guess he isn’t interested in finger painting yet. Time to wash the tub. At least I TRIED to do something entertaining! (Also, Look at that face!!)


And NOW he is fascinated!

Haha, so in a roundabout way, we did end up doing a fun, sensory activity. I guess it doesn’t matter that it’s one we do almost every day!


  1. Haha just the beginning of all the hard work you will put into what you think will be a great idea for him to shoot it down or later on ruin it with a tantrum 😉
    So excited that I get to see him 3 weekends in a row this month!!!