101 in 1001 Check In

I started with 101 in 1001 on January 1, so it’s been almost a year. This year, I completed 40 of my goals and made progress on a few more! Here’s what we did:

1. go to Baby Bookworm at the library
2. Apple picking at Oak Glen
3. visit Lindsey
4. purge closet
5. blog at least once a month for Jonas’s first year (7/12)
6. meditate for 30 minutes a day for 30 days
7. go to a punk show
8. remodel play room into something we’ll use
9. baby proof
10. get doula business cards
11. finish doula website
12. ask Grandma to tell me a story I’ve wanted to hear
13. finish sending birth announcements
14. plan 1st bday party for Jonas with slideshow
15. donate unused baby stuff
16. watch Dollhouse
17. frame wedding invitation
18. make jalapeno poppers
19. take Jonas to a show/concert
20. do baby signs with Jonas
21. 2015 calendar with 2014 pictures
22. set up college fund for Jonas
23. invest some of our savings
24. move dinners away from the tv and to the table
25. pick a new fruit or vegetable and make something with it
26. take Jonas to the beach
27. tech free Tuesdays actually: Facebook Free Fridays
28. set up emergency kit
29. get a nice camera (on my phone)
30. take Jonas to Chino Youth Museum
31. bake a pie from scratch
32. add money to kiva account and lend
33. let Jonas try a lemon (record it)
34. SD card of Jonas’s first Christmas for Grandma
35. finger paint with Jonas
36. use old bath products and cosmetics or throw away
37. Make 5 cookbook recipes
38. go to Fontana farmer’s market
39. set up organization system for business expense tracking
40. build up 100 oz breast milk stash

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