Happy 2nd Birthday, Jonas!

Today Jonas is 2 years old! He likes food, especially peanut butter sandwiches, books, being outside, pretending to be all kinds of things, trucks, and so many other things. His favorite phrase is “what happened?!”

We celebrated with a fun Curious George camping themed party on the 13th.

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Leading up to the party, when you asked Jonas what he wanted at his birthday party, he said “cake.” He thought all his presents were going to have cake in them. When he opened his presents, he said, “No cake in there.” Finally, it was cake time and he asked for a spoon! He even blew out his candles himself on the first try.

Today we went to the Chino Youth Museum. Jonas had a great time!


He wasn’t sure about getting on the motorcycle at first but then he liked it.

We got Thai food and then got some sorbet!


Happy birthday, sweetheart! I can’t believe how brilliant and kind and funny you are. Everything you do is amazing and I am so proud of you every day! I love you so much!


  1. What a fun way to celebrate Jonas’ birthday! I can’t believe he’s 2 already 😯 Happiest Birthday little guy, we love you so much!!! 😯