Jonas is 4!

Yesterday was Jonas’s fourth birthday and we celebrated with a Darth Vader party at Grandma and Papa’s house!

What a year it has been, sweetheart! You’ve absolutely flourished in school and become even smarter and sweeter than I could have imagined! We’ve challenged each other this year. I’ve been learning to be a mommy to two and you’ve been more been patient with me than I probably deserve. When I got impatient with you for being too loud or too wild or making me ask you ten times to put on your socks, you’ve pouted and then hugged me seconds later. You’ve watched too much TV this year so I could take some naps but we may be back to a good amount. We went a week and half without it last week!

I’m so proud of how kind you are. Last week a friend at school was sad because his mommy was leaving. You crouched down next to him and asked him to play, then pointed out that he could probably feel his mommy’s love through his heart necklace.

You genuinely delight in being a big brother and having a baby sister. You think everything Josie does is hilarious and you love to help her.

You are cuddly! You love hugs and kisses and being held and sitting on my lap!

You love to learn, especially about sea creatures and science. You love to share what you learn with the people around you. You love books and are almost always up for reading together.

You are very literal and you like the truth. You like to play the way YOU decide. You get frustrated when something is hard for you. You are a perfectionist and you hold yourself to high standards already.

You like time alone to play in your room and look at books and you also like to be silly with our family. You can be super goofy and giggly!

Since the day you were born you’ve been such a BIG presence! You fill a room and make everyone smile!

I love you so much, Jonas, and I’m so thankful every day that I’m your Mommy!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday Jonas!!!