Bon Voyage, Bubby and Grandpa!

We have been so incredibly lucky to have my mom and stepdad, AKA Bubby and Grandpa, here with us since September 24th. They have been helping with cooking, cleaning, laundry, doctor visits, and our general adjustment to being new parents. Today they are leaving on a wonderful around-the-world adventure! I am so excited for them but they will definitely be missed! It has been so wonderful having them here for these first few weeks of Jonas’s life. I am so happy they came, not only so that he could experience them as a newborn, and so they could spend time with him when he is so little, but because this time with them has been so special for me. I love you, Mommy and Richard, and I am so happy Jonas has you as grandparents!bubbygrandpajonas



  1. We love the three of you very much, and look forward to our next visit.

  2. 😛 So happy we were able to spend time with you while you were here, Robin & Richard. Congrats again on your beautiful grandson! (I’m so happy to have a new cousin!) Best of luck on your amazing adventures! Looking forward to any travel updates and writings you’re able to post. Have a wonderful trip and keep in touch when you can!