Ten on…Eleven?

I took 10 pictures yesterday to use for 10 on 10 but then I was too tired to post them. So here’s yesterday in pictures! Some of them are a little blurry because of the low lighting.

Instead of coloring, I'll dump all the crayons out and relax next to them!

Instead of coloring, I’ll dump all the crayons out and relax next to them!

Dumped Mommy's jewelry box on the floor to play with "BEABS!"

Dumped Mommy’s jewelry box on the floor to play with “BEABS!”


Nap time/ Mommy reading time



I had a couple of hours of work in the afternoon so Jonas hung out with Gram and Papa. He liked holding the phone up to his ear while Papa carried him around.



Hand me down books from the cousins!


Jonas likes holding the tongs. He thinks we are saying “tongue” and sticks his out.

Tacos for dinner

Tacos for dinner


Happy that Daddy is home

Happy that Daddy is home


Just hanging out in Daddy's hat

Just hanging out in Daddy’s hat


Saying goodnight

Saying goodnight


ten on ten button

  1. I love his naptime cheeks!! Cutest boy ever.
    There’s a Monster in my House was one of Kayla’s favorites when she was 3ish and Sleep Tight Bunny is one I read nightly to the girls when they were babies and they seriously listened to those lullabies up until I took it out of the CD player a few nights ago…TEARS 🙁 Thank gosh I have a nephew to hand these things down to or I would keep them forever, haha!

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